I want to praise my Personal Trainer Anna. I had accumulated a lot of weight for past 16 years and suffered from osteoarthritis. I also injured my foot last year and couldn’t even walk. Over the past years I tried all sorts of diets, group exercise, got DVD’s to train at home but nothing worked and started to give up and think of retirement. Suddenly I found this magnificent gym coach Anna and she started to turn things around. I train 2-3 times a week and the exercises specifically  for me to strengthen my muscles, improve my posture and loose weight. The results are incredible and all my friends and relatives are so impressed with the changes they see in me. Since last year I lost 18 kilograms, went from dress size 20 down to 14, I can run up and down the stairs, I am strong, feel young, beautiful and happy. I don’t starve but due to Anna’s advice I eat healthy food without any obsession but wisely. I still have a while to get to my size 10 but with Anna’s positive, professional advice and perseverance I will get there. Thank you Anna for changing me from an aching, limping old woman to an attractive healthy and fit young one.


"I’ve trained with Anna frequently for 2 years and then still train with her once in a while. Over the 2 years I lost just north of 50 kg and throughout that time we trained multiple times a week and she taught me many different training styles which I still use today and is my base for my workouts, as well as showing me how to stretch and make sure I don’t injure myself. On top of all of this Anna showed me what to eat and why as well as making me multiple meal and workout plans."

12 weeks

"The one and a half year that I trained with Anna was amazing, it has helped me a lot with my body shape, and she is really good at helping me to do more than I thought I can with no pressure that would make me uncomfortable."

2 weeks

"Anna is exactly what I wanted in a PT. She is very professional. She always listens to what I say/want and then makes suggestions, she also explains to me everything rather than just getting me to do something. Shee always makes sure that I am doing my exercises properly, i.e. posture etc.

Training with her over the last three months has allowed me to strengthen my body. I really enjoy training, we can have a joke and be serious at the same time, and this is the balance I needed. Thank you again for the service."

7 weeks

I was really hesitant to hire a personal trainer but with Anna’s encouragement and easy to follow plan, I am so glad I did! I am 7 weeks in and feel healthier and more confident. I also find that with her diet and workouts I have more energy than I did before. I felt a difference within the first week and am really grateful for her guidance expertise!

7 weeks

I’ve been struggling with my weight since giving birth 4 years ago. I hated my legs, arms and belly so much! So I decided to take actions and change my lifestyle for good. I did it few times before but without much success. And then, I started program with Anna and over the course of 8 weeks I’ve lost 7 kg and slimmed down 2 sizes. The work continuous and I’m on my way to achieve pre pregnancy weight. Anna provided me with custom made nutrition plan, as well as weekly exercise sets. Everything was delicious, easy to make and physical activity was fun! She put her time and effort to ensure that the changes made in my lifestyle are long term and easy to manage. For the first time ever, I felt encouraged and motivated to work on myself and I couldn’t be more thankful. Anna was always available to provide help and support when things got hard (I had a chest infection during our program) and I can say it was such a great feeling to have someone who really cares for you and wants you to success in your journey. She is professional, friendly and offers great advice no matter what your problem areas are or what you want to achieve. I recommend Anna to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle, develop healthy habits and create a change that lasts.


Dona - 3 weeks after strength training. 


Marta - 4 weeks. Still in progress. Training + meal plan